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On 10th – 11th November 2018 Glasgow UK

NLP Trainer & Author With 25 Years Experience Will Certify You In NLP AND Help You Get Clients [if you want to]…

Now I don’t know if learning NLP is something you’re interested in or not, but I thought you might like a last chance to become a Certified NLP Practitioner in 2018…

If you’ve been shopping around then I know you’ll have seen dramatically different prices for courses, but generally they all offer the same stuff. It’s not easy to choose one if you want to be trained in NLP properly. So I’d like to make it really easy for you: I’m inviting you personally to take part on an 8 day NLP Practitioner Course starting November 10th. I’m a Certified NLP Trainer and author with 25 years ofexperience, and this will be our 36th Certification.


NLP Courses

“This was an eye opener. I came out of it deciding on a topic that I had not even considered before I started it but that now makes perfect sense” 


“Although I’ve done presentation techniques for 30 years it had never really gelled in my mind. I can’t get over the difference it’s made for me. I’ve done NLP before, I’ve done the Tony Robbins courses before, but until you get somebody who actually touches the inner core of your unconscious, it doesn’t work, and Jonathan does that.”


“So far this course is gold dust!!!!!!”


 “This course is succeeding where every other course I taken in the past has failed me and that’s keeping me focused”


“I want to follow your course first I like the direction it´s taking me.  Your questions are pulling out information I did not realise was in there.  I now realise I have a story worth telling”

If you are ready to grow and evolve yourself meaningfully, we invite you to come and spend 4 weekends over 4 months with us…

November 10 -11th

December 8-9th

January 12-13th

February 9-10th

What that means is this is not some fluffy theory, or anamateur seminar run by a rookie teacher. This is NLP in the real world with real people and real experience to back it up. You get the complete NLP syllabus, also the exclusive HGE syllabus [NLP on steroids!] – you’ll be more confident and more competent than the majority of new Practitioners.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what our customers say.

“I have received everything I expected and a whole lot more. This has been a very emotional, fun and profound experience. If people are interested at all in growing and changing for the better, you have to start training with Jonathan!” – Liesha Ross

“A truly amazing fortnight, on a high at the moment and I think probably the most important thing I’ve ever done for myself – a defining moment”

“This is hugely important to me – it means more than any other qualification I have gained in the past. This one is relevant to all of my life! Thank you!”

 “My investment in your Practitioners and Master Practitioners training equates to approximately 1/3 of the total cost of my MBA. In terms of value and return on investment your training puts the MBA in the shade. There is direct application and immediate return on so many aspects of the trainings. Thanks!”

 “I don’t know what it is about you – you’re not saying anything different, you’re telling me what I’ve heard from other therapists before, but for some reason with you it’s working”

“Very happy – HGE has far exceeded my expectations of NLP” – Kim MacLeod

YOU GET: Battle-tested NLP teaching from 2 Trainers for HALF the average price of an NLP Practitioner course in Scotland right now. We have special reasons for making this so affordable, plus:

  • We offer you a full money back guarantee – if by the last day of the training you’re not delighted, you pay nothing.
  • We offer you the option of repeating the training forever more for half price – so you can refresh your training for pennies on the pound, and keep up to date with new developments
  • The option to come back and be one of my Coaching Assistants – where you learn secrets of running a seminar business!
  • Easy Payment Plan – if monthly instalments suit your budget better, you can get started with your deposit of £250
  • Learning Tools – 31 audio MP3s containing the entire NLP syllabus plus a unique full colour manual so you can refer back and study at your leisure

Now, I know you’re probably sceptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I claim:


Three Reasons To Believe What I Say 

Reason one: I’ve spent 25 years living, breathing, sleeping and practising what I preach.

Reason two: These are life skills! These are the tools and techniques that I’ve used to achieve everything I’ve done.

Reason three: There are several active speakers, coaches, therapists and trainers in Scotland, and they all have one thing in common – I trained them.  Now I’m bringing the same level of training to London…


Really! No hidden fees, no weasel clauses, no seduction techniques – quite simply just authentic NLP training that works in the real world, to help yourself and help others.

If you want to join us on our last NLP Practitioner course of 2018, call 0141 639 7099 or email to reserve your place.

The sooner you book the sooner we can get your huge 31 audio track and colour manual pre-study package to your inbox.


Warning: Do NOT buy any NLP Training unless it meets the following 3 criteria:


  There is a lot of confusion surrounding this field. I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must look for before booking a Training:

1) Can I have Contact Names of referees to ask for their opinion of the training? Does the company offer the chance to talk to some of their previous students?

2) Complete money back guarantee if for any reason you’re not satisfied

3) Make sure the Trainer is certified, insured, has experience and has actually done what you want to be able to do. [Remember – you can buy your way up the NLP ladder and reach Trainer status in 5 weeks, but have absolutely no clients or field experience. Do you really want to be on their first course?]


** Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up TODAY **


  • This training is about experiencing and integrating the NLP & HGE™ skills, so you can transform your life and the lives of others if you want to.
  • This training gives you core skills that will allow you to be more fulfilled in life.
  • NLP and HGE™ Certification leads to greater self-confidence and self-esteem



STEP 1 Book your place with either your first instalment or pay in full

STEP 2 You’ll receive an ENTIRE NLP Practitioner course on audio Mp3 and a full colour manual as a PDF.  This is an entire NLP course that you need to study before, during or after the training.  Some like to study in advance, some like to come with no prior knowledge.

STEP 3 Attend the 4 weekends over 4 months live training running 10.00 am till 5.30 pm in Glasgow

STEP 4 Complete your test paper and get your Certification as an NLP Practitioner



We’ll train you in NLP and certify you for an investment of £997.    That’s right, for £997 you’ll be a Certified NLP Practitioner.

Why only £997?  Because you’re here to make changes not to get yourself into debt.  Most NLP trainings cost DOUBLE what we’re charging – do your due diligence, shop around and you’ll see I’m telling you the truth.

WHY? Because they make the bulk of their money selling you their courses and not actually seeing clients day to day.  I have worked with over 5500 clients one-on-one for 20 years – that’s real people with real issues in the real world.

And if it makes it easier for your cash flow, I’m offering a 4 month instalment plan to make it more affordable.



NLP Courses

Jonathan Clark – author of “Fill Your Books: The 5 Keys To Making More Money From Your Business” – has been described as “Sir Alan Sugar meets Peter Pan”. He started his first business in 1985 at age 18 and now teaches step by step strategies that act like treasure maps to help small businesses look huge and established businesses grow bigger, so they get more leads, close more deals and can take more time off. He freely admits he used to feel scared stiff, has lain awake at night worrying & questioning everything and he doesn’t want others to go through the same struggle.


First and foremost a Dad and a husband, he’s also a Certified Life Coach, a Master Hypnotherapist, a Trainer of NLP and a BNI Director Consultant. He runs three businesses and has so far published 6 books on Amazon, with 25 more in the pipeline. He increased Morgan Stanley sales by 40% within 30 days, has trained Barclays’ Sales Trainers in NLP techniques and has lectured twice at the Peter Jones Entrepreneur Academy. A regular speaker at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde University, Jonathan has racked up over 5500 hours of 1 to 1 consultations and is often hired as a Keynote speaker. His achievements have been featured by The Daily Mail, The Fred Macaulay Show, STV, BBC Radio Scotland and Radio Clyde, but there’s so much more to come. Jonathan lives in Glasgow with his wife and son and when he’s not helping people simplify their marketing, he likes playing loud guitar, playing with his son and generally just playing.

Denis Ferrie


NLP practitioner course

  If you want to make 2018 the year you finally DO SOMETHING significant to boost your income, your reputation and your confidence, and you want someone to hold your hand and help you DO IT every step of the way, then sign up for The NLP Practitioner Course now, before we close (Time is quickly running out)…


Risk Free Protection # 1 Risk Free Protection # 2 Risk Free Protection # 3
Once you sign up, if you decide at this point that you can’t see any benefits from learning this material, we will cancel your participation & refund your deposit. If at any time prior to the course commencing you find that you can’t attend, you may nominate a friend or colleague to take your place. Once the course has started, if by day 8 we have not given you sufficient concepts, methods and insights to convince you that NLP will change the way you think and behave forever, just return all of your materials including the completed test paper, leave the course discretely and we will refund your training fees. Or keep the materials and we’ll refund the difference. If this is to be our last transaction, then at least let it be amicable.


This is the best offer I’ve ever made.

  All the details are here.  You can pay by Paypal, or by credit card.  And there’s a 4 EASY PAYMENT instalment plan if that makes it easier on your cash flow.

To book your place click HERE


NOW you can…

  • Become a Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Are you ready?

Jonathan Clark

Certified NLP Trainer and Master Hypnotherapist.


AND IF YOU’RE STILL NOT SURE ask us for our Free Report “16 Questions You Must Ask Before Booking A Course” on the “Welcome” page for some guidelines on what to look for in a training provider. Or invest in one of Jonathan’s Home Study programmes, to get a feel for his style and to make sure you’re going to be a good match.