Weight Loss

How would you like to lose 10 lbs, add years to your life and look good naked?

What if we told you it’s possible, even if you’ve tried everything else – and it can be done easily in as little as 90 days?

It’s not about fault…

  • Christmas and New Year are so unhealthy.

  • You stay up late and sleep in late throwing your metabolism out of whack.

  • You drink alcohol [which as you know is full of calories]

  • You eat your own body weight in chocolate and shortbread [just about!]

  • Did you know that according to The European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, 75% of your annual weight gain happens during these two weeks?

  • And yes there’s all of that “New Year New You” hype when you get bombarded by emails and special offers trying to cash in on your faint glimmer of discipline that you might want to do something about it.  Well, this is not hype – this is a battle tested method that has worked with real people in the real world time and time again.

Hi my name is Jonathan Clark and I’m the author of “Lose Weight For Scotland”

You may have seen me on Youtube or Facebook leading the charge to help the 3.6 million overweight Scots get in shape

I’m the author of 6 books on Amazon, and my work has been featured in the Daily Mail, The Fred Macaulay Show, STV 2, Radio Clyde, The Sunday Post and The Glasgow herald.

With 25 years of experience and over 5000 hours of one to one consultation, I’ve published 17 audio home study programmes and have spoken on hundreds of courses, seminars and webinars.  Just Google “Jonathan Clark NLP” and watch what happens.

I work with celebrities and ordinary people just like you and me to transform their body using a 90 day fitness challenge that combines exercise, nutrition and hypnosis – and its guaranteed.   Unlike most diet plans, I combine psychological techniques, prizes and cutting edge nutrition for fast and safe weight loss.  How?  Because I’ll help uncover the hidden saboteurs that keep you fat and dissolve them.

I’ve teamed up with my old buddy and colleague Garth Delikan The Lifestyle Guy.  He has been a personal trainer, kickboxing instructor and nutritionist with a large and successful client base around Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair, Knightsbridge and ultimately a “Lifestyle Management” practice in Paddington.

Using our 90 day challenge, you can get yourself to exercise more and eat better WITHOUT using discipline or diets, you can boost your immune system so you stay healthy and well, and you can feel happy in your own skin and be proud of showing off your body.  Imagine that. Imagine liking what you see in the mirror.

For example let me tell you about a client of mine called Lucy.  Lucy has two kids but her relationship fell apart and she ended up splitting up with her partner.  She was really depressed and felt down all the time, so she stopped going out and her social life dried up.  It’s hard to put on a face and be chatty when your internal world is crashing down all around you, right?  Plus she was having to juggle the finances cos now she was the main bread winner and she still had the same expenses to pay every month but now only one pay check coming in.

So Lucy started having a glass of wine after the kids went to bed, and developed a habit of ordering carry out meals for speed.  Like 3-4 times a week.  Then a friend dragged her to a party at their house, and that’s where I met her.  We got talking about my work with people, and she asked if I’d work with her.  So she accepted the Challenge and took the 90 day plan away with her, plus the 4 hypnotherapy tracks and some of my best tips.

In 90 days she lost 14 lbs, a whole stone, and 3 inches off her waist.  On top of that her energy was much higher and she was coping a lot better cos she could get everything done including work, school run and looking after the house.  Good nutrition + the psychological support meant the fat didn’t have a chance.  Now she’s wearing tighter clothes again and isn’t covering up under baggy clothes all the time.  She’d never heard of a weight loss programme that used Life Coaching and hypnosis before.

This is not a diet, or some dictatorial regime that you have discipline yourself to do.  There’s no weird soups or food combining, and you don’t need to join a gym.

See our work is based on tips and tricks that fitness professionals told us, our own understanding of how the brain works, and 25 years of experience with behavioural change techniques like hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming NLP

Listen, we’ve spent decades helping people to run their own heads, uncovering limiting beliefs and deeply buried mental and emotional blocks.  We’ve seen over a thousand clients in 1:1 consultations including  professional sports people, Scottish celebrities, big companies like Ford Motors, Morgan Stanley and Barclays have sent  their staff to train, and we have drawers full of testimonials, cards and emails from delighted clients.

This is a method that will work for you even if you’ve tried everything else.  It can help you get into great shape very quickly yet safely, and stay that way after the 90 days is up so it becomes a way of life for you, not a faddy diet that doesn’t last.

So that’s why we’re delighted to announce we’ve just launched our new programme – “Think & Grow Slim – Crush obesity, add years to your life and look good naked!”

In it we share the exact plan that will help you to do just that!

Here’s what you’re going to get –

  • It starts with a LIVE weekend seminar in London January 27th and 28th 2018.

  • LIFETIME access to all of the course materials in an online course

  • 90 days of weekly coaching with Jonathan and Garth


Think Fit Not Fat

  • Your Mind Runs Your Body

You Are What You Eat

  • You Can’t Outrun A Crap Diet
  • 5 Metabolic Superchargers That Work

Move It

  • The Role Of Cardio
  • Lift More, Weigh Less

Mind Gym

  • NLP & Fitness
  • Interventions

Just Do It

  • Implementing What You’ve Learned
  • Baby Steps – Your 90 Day Pathway To Power

What Others Say…

“My name is Gary Martin,  I’m from Strathaven, South Lanarkshire

I am a Manufacturing Engineer for a medical device company.

Little over a year ago my wife was taken into hospital for a operation.  Nothing life threatening but it was enough for me to question my own physical state.  I was 17 stone and 9 pounds and not doing much exercise.  I started to really worry about what would happen to my kids if my wife’s health did not improve and something happened to me.

 It was time for me to lose this excess weight and get healthy for the sake of my family.

 I signed up for The Challenge and lost my first 10 pounds in 6 weeks. Since then I’ve lost a total of 56 pounds in the last 9 months.

I’m feeling great without my excess podge and I can now run about with my kids without getting sore shins in about 30 seconds.  Also my asthma has cleared for the first time in my life.

The Challenge has been great for my weight loss and has changed my life.  I can say I’ve done my bit to drop Scotlands Obesity figures by one. Thank you, Jonathan, for helping me lose weight and giving me the confidence that I stick to it. I never thought I could do it myself because I had never tried before but I’m living proof that if I can do it, you can do it too.”

Gary Martin.

From Challenger 2 – Anne

“Wow! Where do I start? In January this year I had ME, and had done for about 18 months. I was physically and mentally tired all the time, as well as experiencing all the other symptoms that ME can bring. I had also had serious problems with food intolerances for five years, which had resulted in all sorts of digestive difficulties and ill health. As you may imagine, I was pretty fed up with being ill.

I had done so much to improve my health, had tried so many different therapies, and spent so much money. Some therapies helped for a little while, some didn’t help at all, and some did help long term, but very slowly.

I felt restricted and frustrated, and wanted change, immediate change. I felt I’d done the feeling bad thing, and that it was time to feel good again.

And then I took Jonathan’s course and BAM, the ME was gone. I remember the specific moment that I felt it lose its grip on me. I instantly felt different, surprisingly so. I knew that something fantastic was happening. This was it, the approach that was going to deliver the fast result I had been looking for, for so long.

Now, when I think back to that time, it seems like a different me, because those old feelings are so far removed from what I’m all about now.”

Challenger 3 is Angela

“I’m happy, positive, content, and full of drive. I’ve taken up squash, which I’d never played before, and it’s so much fun – I even win a game now and then! I’ve started practising therapies again so I can help other people.  I’ve started work on a property development project. That’s an ambition that I had for years, but never had the energy to do it. Now, I’m right in the thick of it, stripping wallpaper, painting walls. This time last year I struggled to climb the stairs in my house, and now I’m up and down ladders, ripping up carpets, hammering in nails.”

If you want to grab hold of this method, you’re going to be given a complete day by day plan telling you exactly what to day in baby steps, occasional exercise to do [in 20 minutes max],  access to a Facebook group of fellow Challengers for support, and top shortcuts and tricks of the trade modelled from body builders and fitness experts saving you years of trial and error.

When you book your seat right now we’re going to send you 4 special self-hypnosis tracks that programme your mind to stay motivated and on track .  You’ll also get a downloadable 90 day calendar that you can print off and check off day by day as the fat comes off and the lean muscle shows through.

It’s easy you can do it over the next 90 days

Bonus Material

2 Free Books

Twenty’s Plenty & Lose Weight For Scotland

£40 value

You’ll get a free copy of both books signed by the authors to educate and reinforce what you’re doing here.

Personal Coaching

Advanced Support


Jonathan and Garth will speak with you by phone every week for 90 fdays to help tailor make this programme to your individual beliefs, values and behaviours around food and exercise.

Facebook Group

Community Discussions

Amazing Value!

Join our “Think & Grow Slim” community and get support & encouragement everyday through real interaction with fellow students!

All you need to do is click the button, book your place then forward the receipt to jcalchemy@gmail.com

The 4 free hypnosis tracks and the 90 day challenge calendar will be sent to you automatically

Are you up for the challenge to “Think & Grow Slim?”

If so, we’d like to wrap this up by saying thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on the seminar.